Understand why Wanessa and Dado Dolabella’s relationship was controversial and rapprochement shocks fans

The separation between Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz, ​​announced on the 2nd of this month, has given rise to talk. The subject gained new contours when information about a meeting between Wanessa and Dado Dolabella took over social media. But, what happened in the old relationship of the two that left everyone amazed with a possible return?

According to information from columnist Leo Dias, from “Metrópoles”, Wanessa and Dado met again at Easter. Both were together during the holiday on the trip that the artist took with friends to Chapada dos Veadeiros.

According to the journalist, Wanessa will rent a property near Jardim de Maytrea, a paradisiacal destination in Alta Paraíso do Goiás, to spend the last fortnight of this month with Dado. During the trip she took in April, she even walked around this region and posted records of the place on social media. The singer was even threatened after the reunion with her ex.

Remember the courtship between Wanessa and Dado Dolabella

The romance between Vanessa and Dado started during the recording of the video for “O Amor Não Deixa”in the early 2000s. The couple soon won the public’s favor and was on the cover of several magazines at the time.. Although, Zezé Di Camargo did not approve of the relationship and made a point of saying it publicly.

And the constant exposure also led the couple to be caught in moments of quarrel. Several times, Wanessa was clicked crying next to Dado. The first breakup was in 2002. In September 2003, the couple decided to get back together.

Between comings and goings, the relationship lasted until 2004. Years later, in an interview with Quem, Wanessa talked about dating:

“I don’t regret it because I liked it, I surrendered and, thanks to these stories, today I can enjoy a real relationship”, he said.

Dado Dolabella fights with João Gordo for Wanessa

At the time they were dating, Wanessa was invited to the João Gordo program. According to Data, the singer would have left the attraction in tearsafter being mocked by the presenter.

Therefore, Dado decided to take revenge. Even after separating from Wanessa, the actor went to the João Gordo program and got into a fight, with the right to the broken scenery table.

“Gordo made fun of everyone. His program was to invite people to the program and be scummy with the person’s face. He did it once with Wanessa Camargo, who at the time was my girlfriend. When he interviewed Wanessa, she left crying from his show. She called me and couldn’t even speak. She was sobbing from crying”, said Dado in an interview with MTV.

“When I saw the comrade program ‘scrolling’ my girl, I thought it was greater cowardice. And I said to her: ‘Relax, one day this guy will ask me to go there and he will get what he deserves. He thinks he is crazy, then he’ll meet someone crazy too along the way'”.

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