"underestimated": This is how Anna Maria Damm’s pregnancy works!

The influencer Anna Maria Damm (26) published great news a few days ago: she and her partner Julian are expecting children again after daughter Eliana. However, the former Germany’s next top model participant also announced that she suffered two miscarriages on the way to this pregnancy. For this reason, she is particularly grateful for her unborn child. But how’s it going? ann Maria’s pregnancy actually so far?

on YouTube published ann now a new video in which she is totally open about her pregnancy – and she also reports that she is struggling with a few symptoms. “I’ve had morning sickness since the third month”, explains the influencer and clarifies: “It’s really bad, I underestimated it completely, I’ve never experienced it like that, because I didn’t have it with Eliana’s pregnancy.” The future mother of two even wakes up early every morning because she is so sick.

Despite the nausea annas Overall pregnancy was great! “I’m fine, apart from a few symptoms that I have,” summarizes Katharina Damm’s sister and emphasizes: “But otherwise our baby is developing well – and I’m really very grateful for that.”

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Damm, Julian Gutjahr and their daughter Eliana

Instagram / annamariadamm

Anna Maria Dam in April 2022 in Los Angeles

Instagram / juliangut year

Julian Gutjahr and Anna Maria Damm, influencers

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