Underdogs: the first teaser for Ryan Reynolds’ irreverent new docu-series about marginalized animals

Ryan Reynolds is working on a new docu-series focused on the most marginalized animals in nature: here is the funny Underdogs teaser.

National Geographic has recently approved a new series entitled Underdogs with Ryan Reynolds as narrator. Apparently it is a documentary about the most preposterous and least famous animals ever. We get a taste of it with the first teaser.

Based on what was reported by DeadlinesUnderdogs will tell the story of the so-called “losers of the animal world”. The focus will be on “nasty courtship rituals, sneaky camouflage techniques, and tough love parenting skills”with a cast distinguished by completely unexpected elements.

“I love nature shows and I love making things my kids can actually watch”said Ryan Reynolds (again via Deadlines). “We are having a lot of fun trying to give a new voice to animal documentaries. Wildstar has the expertise, experience and cutting-edge film technology to help us chew through National Geographic’s budget. We will deliver a show that is entertaining, surprising and will do justice to the animals usually identified as supporting casts.”

Underdogs, expected in 2025, will be produced by Wildstar Films and Maximum Effort, with Reynolds serving as executive producer alongside George Dewey, Vanessa Berlowitz, Mark Linfield and Dan Rees; and Dave Denny producer of the series.

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“Underdogs represents an entirely new take on the ‘natural history’ genre that is sure to delight and inform audiences of all ages” said Courteney Monroe, president of National Geographic Content. “With Ryan’s irreverent wit, Maximum Effort, and Wildstar’s award-winning wildlife storytelling expertise, we’ve assembled the perfect team to tell the entertaining stories of nature’s unsung heroes with humor and heart.”

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