“Uncharted”: Marvel star Tom Holland complains about years of chaos

In an interview, Tom Holland spoke about the long and complicated search for a director for the video game adaptation “Uncharted”.

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MCU star Tom Holland is currently celebrating a phenomenal success at the box office with “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Despite the more contagious corona variant Omikron, the film has already grossed over 1.38 billion US dollars worldwide. The current highest-grossing film of all time for Sony Pictures should boost Holland’s market value massively. The 25-year-old has the chance to become a box-office magnet outside of the MCU. Those responsible at Sony can certainly hope for this effect with his next film: Am February 17, 2022 starts in this country Sony’s video game adaptation “Uncharted” with Holland as a young Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

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The fact that the film is still in the cinemas at all is in itself a small miracle. The film adaptation of developer Naughty Dog’s successful adventure series has been in the works for years. An unbelievable six directors came and went before director number 7, Ruben Fleischer (“Venom”), turned out to be exactly the right person for the job in early 2020.

In 2017 there was a reorientation under director number 4, Shawn Levy (“Free Guy”): The project was created as a prequel to the video games, Nathan Drake was supposed to be much younger than his digital counterpart. With Tom Holland, the main actor was soon found. Mark Wahlberg came back on board as Sully after years of being talked about as Nathan Drake. Holland experienced the search for a suitable director first hand – an experience that he would not like to experience again in this form, as he opposite Total Film let know:

“Some [der Regisseure] came in and had ideas that we didn’t like, that didn’t fit the characters; and so we had to look for new people. We took inspiration from everyone. There were very many different variations of Drake and very different variations of Sully. Some people preferred to implement the game, some others wanted to be completely different from the game. It was an interesting process – one I don’t necessarily want to be involved in again. It’s quite exhausting to look for a director.”

And this despite the fact that Holland was only involved in negotiations with three of the seven filmmakers. Our video reveals which film highlights await you this year:

“Uncharted”: Created for hardcore fans and non-connoisseurs alike

The problem that many video game adaptations suffered from, especially in the nineties, was the fact that those responsible were mostly only interested in the name of the title and the characters. The result was often conversions that neither fans nor the ordinary cinema audience wanted to see. So the films got a questionable reputation over the years, the term video game adaptation became almost synonymous with bad entertainment.

Only in recent years has Hollywood found the right path and celebrated successes with implementations such as “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Pokémon Detective Pikachu”. Under Ruben Fleischer, Uncharted is a film that Fleischer says is “made for both hardcore fans and those who don’t know the franchise” (via PlayStation Blog). Sony recently published a very good example of this with a clip that will remind fans of the game series of “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” and that everyone else should have fun too.

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Uncharted – Airplane Clip OmU

And indeed, the previous trailers promise a lot of fun, entertainment, excitement and action. You will soon be able to convince yourself of this in the cinema.

Now it’s your turn: How familiar are you with video game adaptations?

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