‘Uncharted’: Honest trailer makes fun of adaptation script; Check out!

the adaptation ‘Uncharted – Off the Map‘ won a hilarious honest trailer.

Check out:

Success in cinemas, the production has already raised $389.1 million worldwide.

It is worth remembering that the Sony Pictures I’ve given the green light for a sequel!

On the success of the production, Tom Rothmanthe CEO of Sony Picturesdeclared that a new franchise has just been born on the big screen: “With over $100 million grossing at the box office worldwide in just one weekend, and a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is a successful new movie franchise for our studio.”

Watch our interview with Tom Holland and Mark Walhbergand follow the CinePOP on YouTube:

Review | Uncharted: Off the Map – An honest and fun treasure hunting adventure

directed by Ruben Fleischer (‘Venom’), the adaptation is set before the events of the first game and will serve as an origin story for the acclaimed character, when Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) embarks on his first adventure through inhospitable regions alongside his mentor, Sully (Wahlberg).

The screenplay was written by Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker.

Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali and Tati Gabrielle complete the list.

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