Uncertain future for Romelu Lukaku: ‘He will return to Chelsea at the end of the season’

Tuesday evening, a few minutes before the kick-off of the Inter match in Porto, Giuseppe Marotta even more or less rejected the idea of ​​a permanent transfer at the end of the season. “He is on loan until the end of the season and after that he will return to Chelsea, regardless of his performance. That’s the deal, it’s a dry one-year loan,” the Inter boss told Sky Italia.

This does not mean that Inter will not try to negotiate with Chelsea a possible permanent transfer. But, in Milan, we are clearly disappointed with the performance of the Red Devil. Lukaku has not regained the flamboyant level of his first spell and, moreover, he was not even a starter in Porto on Tuesday evening. “It’s a special season for everyone, with this World Cup right in the middle. And Romelu pays for it. Like Brozovic, for example. They were both injured and they haven’t returned to their best level. He has to be 100% to play his best football and he’s not. We have not yet seen the Romelu Lukaku we knew in the past…”

Can the top scorer in the history of the Red Devils still reverse? Can he still make the internal leaders want to transfer him by finishing the season as a cannonball? Maybe. In any case, he only has a few weeks left to save a gloomy 2022-2023 financial year, during which he multiplied the physical glitches …

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