"Unbreakable"-Zoff: Arguing Christian and Jasmin

At Unbreakable – We make you strong! it crashed twice! Christian Kahrmann (49) and Jasmin Tawil (39) are currently facing their greatest fears in the TV experiment. Both had already reached their limits and revealed very private experiences: The former Lindenstrasse actor has been physically weak since his time in a coma. The former GZSZ actress fights on the show against her fear of commitment and her difficult relationship with men. Now Christian and Jasmin clashed violently.

After an emotional discussion around the campfire, the psychologist present recommended that everyone should come to terms with what they had experienced. Christian then asked: “Until when?” and triggered a quiet laugh in the group. Jasmin replied with a smile: “Papa Christian again “. This situation led to a battle of words. “Why do you always say that? ‘Papa’ That’s so inappropriate. […] Do you want to provoke me or what? “asked the 49-year-old Jasmin furious. However, she did not understand the problem at all. She explained that she only meant it “sweetly” and apologized curtly.

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But it did not stop. The argument led to the fact that the two of them came up with a situation from the previous evening. In this had Jasmin a towel worn at the dining table, what Christian erupted quite badly. In hindsight made Jasmin this action pretty angry. “You don’t have to interfere at all in what way I’m dressed here […] That’s my thing […] Insolence “, she complained at the campfire. The next day both reflected on the respective situations and got along again.

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Jasmin Tawil, actress
Christian Kahrmann on "Unbreakable - We make you strong!"

Unbreakable – We make you strong !, RTL

Christian Kahrmann on “Unbreakable – We make you strong!”

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