Unbearable players, OL have changed a lot

OL’s season was disappointing in sporting terms but also outside the green rectangle with numerous incidents in the stands.

Saturday evening on the occasion of the reception of Nantes, the Groupama Stadium will host an Olympique Lyonnais match for the last time of the season. A final opportunity for OL supporters to encourage the players… or to send messages of discontent. And for good reason, this season has been perilous in the bays of Groupama Stadium, where incidents and disputes have multiplied. Have we reached a point of no return between OL and their supporters? The theme was discussed on the program As long as there will be Gones of the Olympic and Lyonnais site. Invited on this occasion, Cédric, president of Kop Virage Nord, confirmed that a divide was real between OL players and supporters in Lyon, this season more than ever.

An obvious divorce between supporters and players

“The human relationship is no longer there and that has created tensions that we did not have in the past. With the president, we have the chance to be able to exchange regularly with him and when there are incidents, he has the courage to come and defend his players or his positions and it is something that we recognize very gladly. Against Montpellier, it was a heated speech and it is expected that we will take stock with him at the end of the cold season after taking a step back. launched the president of Kop Virage Nord. Historical capo of the Bad Gones, Joahn is in the same state of mind, proof that the vast majority of OL supporters agree on this subject.

“When the Toko affair happens, there is no exchange upstream or downstream between the supporters and the player. It’s not for lack of having tried, of having wanted to start meetings with the players to discuss what we like or not, what they like or not because we also have to position ourselves on their side to find out what they like about the stadium. But that’s been gone for years.” regrets the Lyon supporter, for whom the divorce is very real between the public and the players of Peter Bosz. A real problem to quickly resolve for Jean-Michel Aulas before the situation gets bogged down further in the weeks and months to come. The president of OL will be there at the meetings to try to calm the supporters, but it has been a long time since the players, in almost all the clubs, no longer respond to summons from the supporters.

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