“Unacceptable”, “criminal”: the inhabitants of “the worst street in the country” can’t take it anymore! (Pictures)

London Road in Swanscombe, ‘the worst street in the UK’, according to locals, has had 73 permits for works over the past four years. During this period, 18 water pipes also had to be repaired.

Local residents have had enough: they say they regularly suffer from low water pressure because old cast iron pipes tend to burst. They also reported waking up with no water at all during this summer’s heatwave weekend, Kent Online reports. Due to the problems, residents are now asking the water company to improve its services, through a petition. “The works were promised by the water company on their website, but the reality did not follow,” laments a resident.

“It’s unacceptable for local residents,” indignant Emma Ben Moussa, member of the municipal council behind the petition. “It is a criminal waste of water even though we are told that we must prepare for drought conditions. »

“We know it is not acceptable to lose so much precious water and we are doing something about it. It won’t be quick, but we are making progress and we have achieved our goal over the past two years,” the water company said.

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