Una Voce Fuori Dal Coro: an exclusive clip taken from the film by Yohan Manca

On November 24th the film, directed by Yohan Manca, Una Voce Fuori dal Coro will arrive in cinemas and, as a preview, it is possible to see an exclusive clip.

After being presented at Un Certain Regard and at the Giffoni Film Festival, the film will arrive in theaters on November 24th A voice out of the choir and, in the meantime, you can see an exclusive preview of one clip taken from the first feature film directed by Yohan Manca which will be distributed in Italy by I Wonder Pictures and Unipol Biografilm Collection.
The video shows a music lesson during which a teacher puts one of her pupils to the test with sympathy, emphasizing the importance of warming up the voice and how everyone is a bit in difficulty at first.

The film A voice out of the choir tells a family story that revolves around a strong passion for music. A joyful coming-of-age tale involving four difficult brothers and the desire to discover each other and “start living”.

Director Yohan Manca said: “The film is loosely adapted from a play by Hédi Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre, which I staged and performed when I was 17. It consists of four monologues, recited by four brothers. One of its themes is a character’s encounter with art, against all odds. And this experience is very familiar to me because it is what I myself have experienced. I put many personal memories into this film, from my youth, from my childhood. Like the four brothers in the film, I too come from a working-class district, south of Seine-et-Marne and Pantin, east of Paris. I too am of Mediterranean origin, Spanish on my mother’s side, Italian on my father’s side, and I wanted to come to terms with those origins, and with immigration from the Mediterranean basin. I wanted to tell the life of working-class neighborhoods away from the images continuously conveyed by information channels, which treat these territories only as dangerous places, populated by thugs. My choice was to show what is beautiful and romantic about these territories. And I wanted to direct all the viewer’s attention to an eternal subject: how art can save us“. The synopsis of the film is as follows:
Nour is fourteen years old and the youngest of four brothers, all older than him. The four are used to having a family with each other, since their father died and their mother is in a coma. The older brothers get by with various chores, and with the beginning of summer Nour is also involved to contribute to the family economy and to take care of his sick mother. But one day he meets Sarah, a singing teacher who involves him in his course. For Nour it is an opportunity to discover an innate passion that comes from his parents, and to open up to a different world from the one in which he grew up.

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