Un Posto al Sole: previews of the plots from 6 March to 10 March 2023

Here are the previews of what we will see in Un posto al Sole from 6 March to 10 March 2023: the soap airs from Monday to Friday on Rai 3.

Here they are advances of the plots of A Place in the Sun refer to the episodes aired from March 6 to March 10, 202: the soap airs from Monday to Friday on Rai 3. The series set in Naples, now in its 27th season, is broadcast on Rai3Monday to Friday at 8.50pm.
As always you can follow A place in the sun in live streaming on the platform RaiPlaywhere it is possible to watch the previous episodes in reply, and in the On demand section.

Monday 6 March

Othello is urgently taken to the hospital to monitor his health conditions after the news of his wife’s heart attack, Silvia and Michele rush to Indica. Before leaving Naples, Luca asks Giulia to meet.

Tuesday 7 March

The news of Teresa’s death throws Palazzo Palladini into great grief. Othello has not yet been informed: who will tell him, and how will the man react? Franco returns from New Zealand but finds Bianca very sad about Teresa’s death. A new foray by Micaela into Samuel’s life will unleash Speranza’s jealousy.

Wednesday 8 March

Othello, supported by the affection of his family, tries with difficulty to face the pain of his wife’s death, the large family of Palazzo Palladini will give a last moved farewell to their beloved Teresa. In addition to unleashing Speranza’s jealousy towards Micaela, the event organized for Women’s Day in which Samuel will perform as a stripper will be an opportunity to try to revive the fortunes of Vulcano coffee.

Thursday 9 March

Marina struggles to accept Lara’s presence in Roberto’s life, the woman is about to have a meeting she really didn’t expect. Tried by her grandmother’s death, Rossella seeks Riccardo’s support, but the man seems distracted from work. As the distance between Silvia and Giancarlo grows, Michele, angry at the attacks that the Volcano is receiving, decides to intervene. Othello, meanwhile, has to make an important decision.

Friday 10th March

Rosa, after losing her job in the factory, turns to Viola for help, Giulia and Angela risk finding themselves in danger again. Marina fearfully watches Lara’s maneuvers to gain more and more ground with Ferri, while Irene expresses her desire to meet Tommaso to her parents. The project to extend the law office to the apartment next door will encounter an unexpected obstacle, but Alberto seems determined not to give up.

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