‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Elenice’s brother reveals to Renato that Christian couldn’t have children

On novel “Um Lugar ao Sol”, just as he is close to having his farce discovered, Christian (Cauã Reymond) will discover that his twin brother, Renato, Maria Fernanda (Fernanda Nobre) could not have gotten pregnant because she was sterile. Upon learning of the secret, Lara’s ex (Andreia Horta) will put Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) against the wall, in scenes scheduled to air this Monday (29).

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It is worth remembering that she was the one who told the public about the sterility of Renato, who was killed by drug dealers in his brother’s place. “What is this story?” asks Ravi’s usurper friend (Juan Paiva), who must meet his death in the last few chapters. Elenice, who doesn’t even suspect that Renato died and Christian took his place, shows her “adopted son” the result of the DNA that denies paternity, says columnist Daniel Castro.

Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Christian faces Elenice

Just before facing the bankrupt, Christian decides to get the story straight with his “uncle”, Teodoro (Fernando Eiras). Elenice’s brother reinforces that Renato was sterile. Afterwards, Ravi’s friend looks for his brother’s foster mother to find out more about his twin.

“What’s this thing about me being sterile? Can you explain it to me?”, he asks as if he were Renato, taking “mother” by surprise. “Who was it that told you such a thing?”, retorts Elenice, hearing that it was her brother who had his tongue in his teeth.

Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Elenice justifies herself for Christian

Cornered, she opens the game. “That endless rest, when you were 16 years old, when you had mumps, remember? The fact is that the disease left some sequelae, anyway”, he says. But Christian will doubt the “mother” speech. “And do you really expect me to believe that?” asks the person responsible for saving Barbara (Alinne Moraes) from drowning.

And Elenice feels the blow. “My God, Renato, do you think I’d be able to invent such a thing?”, she replied, shocked. But Christian ignores the “mother’s” reaction: “If you’ve invented so many…”. Finally, Elenice justifies herself in relation to the secret, in Lícia Manzo’s plot.

“If I didn’t say anything at the time, it’s because you already had your share of problems. You were a teenager struggling with so many other issues that… From personal experience, having seen how much your father’s sterility weighed. about him, I decided to preserve you”, points out quoting José Renato (Genésio de Barros).

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