‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Cecília humiliates her mother by defending her friend by kissing Felipe

On novel “Um Lugar ao Sol”, an new fight will happen between Cecília (Fernanda Marques) and her mother, Rebeca (Andrea Beltrão). This because the ex-model will have kissed Felipe (Gabriel Leone), boyfriend of the young woman’s best friend, Bela (Bruna Martins), causing the end of the relationship. From then on, a relationship between Rebeca and Felipe begins with the heiress of Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​bypassing the issue of age difference.

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The scenes begin to air this night (24) in the nine o’clock plot, which is fully recorded but with some undefined endings. In the clash, Cecília will say that her mother cannot mix with her friends because she is older. Not satisfied, the girl still throws in the face of the ex-model that she lacks with respect for her individuality.

Novel ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’: Felipe kisses Rebeca again

Chapters later, Felipe meets Túlio’s wife (Daniel Dantas) as her family rushes to Rio’s Costa Verde after Barbara (Alinne Moraes), who will nearly drown in the attempt on her own life .

Again, Felipe kisses Rebeca when they can’t resist the new encounter. But the boy gives everything to Cecilia, revolting her. When she sees her mother again, Bela’s friend comes to her defense and humiliates Rebeca. And closer to the final stretch, the model rediscovers a love from the past and surrenders to it.

Also at these defining moments, Ravi (Juan Paiva) could die in a car accident if nothing changes by then, March 2022.

Rebeca from ‘Um Lugar ao Sol’ doesn’t feel anguish for the time, evaluated the actress

In a conversation with the press, Andrea Beltrão stated that her character does not feel shaken by the passage of time. “She has this issue, she talks a lot about it with (friend) Ilana (Mariana Lima) and (husband) Túlio. It’s something very strong and often repetitive in her relationship with Felipe, but I don’t see it as anguish”, he pointed out .

“Rebeca thinks a lot, her work is nourished by this, opportunities are becoming more and more rare, she has less and less space, but I think the most interesting thing about the text is that it’s not exactly a defeat, it’s questions, dilemmas, problems, ‘what to do?’, ‘how to behave?'”, continued the actress, who is back in soap operas after 20 years.

“Rebeca reacts no matter how insecure she is, she suffers, she takes ten steps back… She is always active in the situation”, completed Andrea, making a self-assessment. “I live well, I’m fine. Even when I look in the mirror, sometimes I even think I’m prettier than before. Today I feel a little lighter, maybe,” he explained.

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