Ultras clashes, Piantedosi towards the squeeze after Paganese-Casertana: ‘daspo di curva’ hypothesis and neutral field for the teams of violent fans

Incidents between fans before Paganese-Casertana they will be a point of no return. pictures ofburning busthe concrete risk of serious physical consequences for law enforcement e spectatorsthe scenes of urban warfare magazines just two weeks after the clashes on the A1 between ultras of Naples And Rome they convinced the Keep them in mind to make even more drastic decisions. Which they will go into two directions: give an exemplary punishment and revolutionize the concept of prevention the risk of riots. According to what appears to ilfattoquotidiano.it on Minister Piantedosi’s table there are a whole series of hypotheses that concretely aim to change the concept same away following your favorite team.

The minister’s words, moreover, leave no room for interpretations alternatives: “It is not possible that every Sunday even for the minor football such conspicuous resources of the police forces are employed” said the owner of the Keep them in mind, according to which “it is not possible to see episodes like yesterday’s. We don’t have to do these situations something that passes under our noses without us considering its importance. The setting will be maximum precaution – he added – when there are indicators we will adopt even tougher measures ”. What will these be measures? It will go beyond the travel ban? Piantedosi publicly did not anticipate anything, also because they are there institutional steps to be respected: “We will discuss the sanctions with the head of the Police and with the bodies of the Interior Ministry – he underlined – will be adapted to the severity of these episodes. I intend to act with the utmost caution.” To punish And to prevent, so. As regards the first directive, the minister will wait for the next few days’ meeting betweenNational observatory on sporting events and Analysis Committee for security, then he will present his proposal. Which will be very clear: you need one punishment exemplary. In this case, if after the clashes of January 8 the fans of Naples and Rome were sanctioned with two months of ban away, this time the Interior Ministry aims to increase the length of the sentence, also by virtue of the seriousness of what happened in Pagans, where only by chance there were no serious injuries. How many months of prohibited travel are we talking about? The Ministry of the Interior remains silent, but it is plausible to think of one penalty tripled compared to that inflicted on the Neapolitans and Giallorossi: if this were the case, it would be to all intents and purposes a sort of daspo of the entire Paganese curve.

Then there’s the prevention. And here too, measures intended to teach school are expected. In this sense, in the range of hypotheses analyzed by the minister there is also that of predicting to play in neutral field for a number of matches the team whose fans were featured in stadium offences. In this case, therefore, the punishment would in a certain way also extend to the company Of football, who would find himself a victim of his own ultras. A measure which, if implemented, would risk creating a effect as well dangerous, with the clubs hostage to the curves or at least blackmailable. Highly plausible eventuality, especially considering the often tense relationships between presidents and fans. The Interior Ministry, however, wants to give a signal. And it will be a signal loud. Granted, finally, a tightening of individual travel bans. What happened to Pagani, after all, if not predictable, was at least predictable.

That the meeting was at risk due to the bad relations between the two fans was widely known, so much so that the match had been included by the Observatory for sporting events among those “characterized by critical profiles“. In fact, in the determination of January 18, the body had suggested a series of measures to prevent scuffles. Which? Ticket sales to away fans until 7pm on the day before the match, only in the betting offices identified under the responsibility of the company and only with the presentation of a document of identity. And again: transmission of the identity of the fans by the Casertana to the police station of Salernouse of steward of the host company in the sector reserved for own fans and adequate communication of the measures in question to the supporters of the clubs concerned. Too little? It must be said that the challenge at the top of the Group G of Serie D was long awaited by both sides supporters, always rivals and in the past protagonists of violent clashes. It is no coincidence, after all, that in recent years the dangerous intersections between the two curves had been avoided. How? Forbidding travel.

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