Ukrainian first lady meets Joe and Jill Biden in Washington. She then speaks to the US Congress: “More aid to fight Russia”

The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenskait’s at Washington to meet the American president, Joe Bidenand its counterpart, Jill Biden. Landed yesterday, she was greeted by the two tenants of the White House with a bouquet of sunflowers, yellow orchids and blue hydrangeas, the colors of the Ukrainian flag. A symbolic gesture that reaffirms the closeness of the United States to the country invaded by Russia. Equally symbolic was the first lady’s choice to wear for her first official meeting – hers with the US secretary of state. Antony Blinken – a colored dress military green which recalls the uniform used by President Zelensky in his public appearances.

Since the first weeks of the war, the two first ladies have kept in touch through an intense exchange of letters. On May 8, on the occasion of her mother’s day, Jill Biden had gone as a surprise to Ukraine meeting Zelenky’s wife a Uzhorod, a city a few kilometers from the Slovakian border. A week ago, the administration announced a new package of humanitarian aid to Ukraine by almost 2 billion dollars and at the beginning of July the Pentagon sent 400 million dollars worth of other weapons. In the past three weeks alone, the United States has provided $ 2.2 billion in security assistance to Kiev, $ 8 billion since the Biden administration began.

Thus began the special mission of the president’s wife to the United States Voldymyr Zelensky, which left Kiev with the aim of obtaining new military and humanitarian aid, so that Ukraine can continue to defend itself in the war against Russia. After a meeting with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, the wife of the Ukrainian president had a private interview with Jill Biden. Zelenska has already achieved a first result: according to press rumors, Blinken has assured that American support for Ukraine will continue. At the moment everything is missing in Ukraine. From food to medicines to water. “The United States they remain committed to helping the Ukrainian people to defend themselves and to rebuild their country ”, reassured Blinken.

To the American CongressBefore whom Zelenska spoke this afternoon, the wife of the Ukrainian prime minister asked American politicians to provide her country with air defense systems. “I ask you air defense systems so that the rockets do not kill children in their strollers, so that the missiles do not destroy homes and kill entire families, ”Zelenska said. After being introduced to Congress by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosithe Ukrainian First Lady showed photo And video which portray the little girl Lisathe four-year-old girl killed a Vinnytsia. “She was killed by a Russian missile,” Zelenska said, showing more photos of victims of the Ukrainian aggression. “The war is not over. – continued the First Lady- The terror continues and I appeal to all of you, on behalf of those who have been killed, on behalf of those who have lost arms and legs, on behalf of those who are still alive and those who wait that their families return from the front, ”Zelenska said.“ Olena will speak to Congress on behalf of all Ukrainian mothers, all Ukrainian women. It will be an important speech and I really believe it will be heard by those on whom decision-making in the United States depends “, said Zelensky shortly before his wife’s speech in the American Parliament, showing confidence in Zelenska’s words on American public opinion. and on US politicians.

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