Ukrainian Banksy thief faces up to 12 years in prison


The man who, with several accomplices, removed a work by British artist Banksy from the wall in a suburb of Kiev at the beginning of December, risks up to 12 years in prison. That is what the prosecutor demanded at the start of the trial on Monday in Kiev. The trial is only directed against the man.

jvhSource: BELGA

He was aware of the value of the work and intended to sell the graffiti and dispose of the proceeds as he saw fit. “To this end, he enlisted men who knew nothing of his intentions, and whom he assured that he had all the necessary permits to dismantle the mural.”

At the time, local residents had seen the statue being cut out of the wall and called the police. The work shows a woman in a dressing gown with curlers, but also with a gas mask and fire extinguisher. The work has been confiscated, and the Ministry of Culture has yet to make a decision on what will happen to it.

The identity of the artist behind Banksy is still unknown. In November it became known that the artist had made several works in the suburbs of Kiev that were heavily affected by the Russian invasion, and also in Kiev itself.


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