Ukraine, the live broadcast – Kiev: “The war can end before the territories are liberated”. Pope: “Peace in Ukraine is possible, ready to mediate”


Kiev: “The war can end before the territories are liberated”

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said in a briefing with journalists that the war could end before Ukraine liberates all territories by military means. Podolyak commented on US Chief of Staff Mark Milley’s statement that the likelihood of military liberation of all Russian-occupied territories, including Crimea, is very low.


Pope: “Peace in Ukraine is possible, we are ready and mediate”

Peace in Ukraine “is possible. But we must all commit ourselves to demilitarize hearts. We must all be pacifists. Wanting peace, not just a truce that maybe only serves to rearm”, Pope Francis said in an interview with La Stampa on the eve of his visit to Asti. The Pontiff then confirmed the Vatican’s willingness to “do everything possible to mediate and put an end to the conflict in Ukraine”.

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