Ukraine, Scanzi on Nove: “The label of pro-Putinians to unwelcome opinion leaders is the daughter of a climate of supporters. Pd guilty in the witch hunt “

“Why is there this total loss of rationality? Why are we a country of fans and, politically, the Democratic party that’s what it has more faults in this so-called ‘witch hunt’“. Like this Andrea Scanziconductor of the political talk ‘Agreements & Disagreements’with Luca Sommiwith the participation of Marco Travagliobroadcast on the Ninecommented on the accusations made by some politicians against journalists and TV commentators accused of being “pro-Putinians” for their complex and non-aligned view of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. “Are a lazy country from an intellectual point of view and therefore the slogan works. As soon as you are problematic, as soon as you try to list strengths and weaknesses of any thesis, people don’t understand you. – said the reporter – Because there is a devastating functional illiteracy, because we are ignorant in terms of geopolitics, certainly not Capuozzo and like him many guests we have, but we who are journalists, not only, but above all journalists, know that up to a year ago, but also up to three months ago , there were never television programs that talked about geopolitics. In newspapers, foreign pages are often the last wheel of the wagon. Sure there are of the aggressors and the attackedafter which it should make distinctions. – he continued – As soon as you make these distinctions, unfortunately, you pass for a Putinian. It is normal, so to speak, if this simplification does it the fool on social media. It is disturbing if they make this simplification certain parties. I mention one for all: the Democratic party, which in my opinion on this matter is the one that has the most faults in the so-called ‘witch hunt’. And it’s even worse if it even does the Copasir that mayor and decides which interviews should be done, which questions should be asked, which commentators can go on TV and which ones not. This is scary, ”Scanzi concluded.

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