Ukraine, Putin’s will is clear but time is not playing in his favor

The testimony of Riccardo Coletti from the Donbass is this: “It is distressing to witness and be under fire from an artillery that fires and strikes even at a great distance without knowing exactly who or what hits. We only know that the aim is to destroy anything or anyone who tries to stop the Russian advance into Ukrainian territory, under the pretext of freeing itself from the Nazis who occupied it ”.

Who hoped that the anniversary of 9 May (victory of the Russians in Ukraine against the Nazis) could provide the belligerents with a good chance to try a truce, being the same party for both of us, he was disappointed. Neither country at war dares yet utter the word peace. But if on the one hand a true “peace” seems impossible for those who have suffered the ignoble slaughter wanted by Putin, he who instead wanted the war and still conducts it with total contempt of anyone else who dares to meddle in business that is not his should at least understand that time does not play in his favor.

What immediately stands out in the eyes even of “non-experts” is Putin’s absolute will to end this (dismal) adventure with a victory that unquestionably consecrates him “Tsar of all Russia“. A conquest that he has perhaps dreamed of since his first election to the top of post-Soviet Russia. As also testified by his previous bare-chested attitudes, in imitation of the conquering Mussolini, while riding stiffly on a magnificent steed, identifying himself with the thought to the great Caesar returning from the Gallic conquestsacclaimed by all and surrounded by a large swarm of adoring praetorians.

The greatness of his Russia has nothing to envy, on a territorial level, to that of the great Roman Empire (see Zanichelli 1985 map of political Europe at the time of the USSR and the logos of the naturalist masterpiece film Dersu Uzala which tells the fascinating grandeur and hardness of life in that immense territory). Although it is understandable that those who are already partly at the head of such a territorial vastness and dream of guiding it to even greater splendor, are not satisfied with half measures, on the other hand they certainly cannot hope to bring them to their knees. the whole world to arrive there. Furthermore, wielding the only lethal weapon in his arsenal as a threat, the atomic weapon (which, however, is not the only one to possess!).

It might have been okay if he managed to get almost a surrender with his initial blitz immediate of the Ukrainians but now, with America laughing in his face not at all worried about his threats and with Europe which, although frightened (partly by the people, not by the governments) by the proximity of the arrogant warrior, is protected by a superpower military and economic like the USA and by a military super-organization (NATO) created precisely for the purpose of controlling the European “Polar Bear” head shots, it cannot fail to understand that all this has already been placed all around for some time to Russia in case the Ukrainians alone are not enough to make him change his mind.

His technique is to terrify (as the mafia do), so you must never show that you really fear him, because it is the only way to make him win for sure: it would raise the bar of threats and the severity of his persecutions. He continues to threaten fire and flames but in the end it would cause hell in his house even before in someone else’s house. His pretext of invading Ukraine to free it from the Nazis does not stand up, that’s a job for the police, not for armies and tanks. That excuse may work for its internal propaganda, certainly not for the international political strategists, who have already fully assessed what it can and cannot do in practice. The more it moves away from the day of the initial blitz and the more problems grow; for him more than for anyone else.

His strategy cannot be long-term: when in addition to the coffins returning home, economic sanctions are added that will make the poor life of his people even more burdensome, who have never stopped emigrating even many years after the fall of the communism, will finally realize that this war he can never win it, much less with the nuclear threat, which if launched would also kill his own Russian people. Then it would also happen to him what happens to all dictators when they pull too hard or he will already be lucky if he manages to end his existence in a western prison.

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