Ukraine, Labor on Nine: “Dragons from Biden? A meaningless visit: no mandate to the Italian premier from either Parliament or Europe “

Dragons in Washington? “A media mystification that hides a visit that made no sense when it started and it doesn’t make any sense now that it’s over ”. Like this Marco Travaglio in his speech to ‘Agreements & Disagreements’the political talk broadcast on Ninecommented on the meeting between the Italian prime minister and the American president Joe Biden of 10 May. “That visit is all a contradiction. – said the director of Il Fatto Quotidiano – Who represented Draghi in the White House? He did not represent Parliament because he did not have no parliamentary mandate to go and say something there. She wasn’t there for Europe, he was not there to represent his majority and the Italian Parliament. Because he didn’t consult them – he went on – he didn’t make any parliamentary passes before going to America because otherwise they would have emerged the contradictions within the majority and he couldn’t have gone to Biden and said what she told him instead. That is, outside (from the oval office, ed) he talked about peace and inside he talked about something else. This is the fundamental question. The Americans keep sending loads of weapons, the US Senate even authorized the sending of more weapons than Biden asked for. They are six times as many as they sent to Afghanistan every year: us inside this what position do we have? Nothing. And we are very quiet because Europe is divided over everything ”, concluded Travaglio.

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