Ukraine, Erdoğan against the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO: “They support the Kurds”. And above all he does not want to break with Moscow

If between the plans of Putin there was also that of cracking relationships within the Born, about two and a half months after the invasion, the first major crack is noted. The protagonist of the internal tension in the Alliance is again the Turkey from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that, while the United States and the main countries of the Pact open their doors to historically neutral ones Sweden And Finland asking for protection from the risk of a Moscow attack, puts its veto. It is the Turkish president himself who declares that the accession of the two countries it would be a “mistake”. Words that led the two countries to ask Turkey for a meeting on the issue, while the other members of the Alliance continue to say they are in favor of the entry of Stockholm and Helsinki.

A ‘no’ that is worth a lot, that of Erdoğan, given that, as established byArticle 10 of the Treaty, “The parties may, with unanimous agreement, invite any other European State capable of promoting the development of the principles of this Treaty and contributing to the security of the North Atlantic region to accede to this Treaty. Any State thus invited can become a party to the Treaty by depositing its instrument of accession with the government of the United States of America. The government of the United States of America will inform each of the parties to the deposit of any instrument of accession ”. Translated: without the unanimous will of all 30 member countries, Sweden and Finland would remain excluded from the Alliance.

The reasons given by Ankara however, they do not concern i security risks linked to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine triggered by the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin. The Turkish president “does not want the same mistake made with the accession of the Greece“And accused Stockholm and Helsinki” of host PKK terrorists“, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party considered a terrorist formation by Erdoğan’s executive. “We do not have a positive opinion,” insisted the head of state.

Whether it is just this or whether the Kurdish question, a very sensitive issue in Ankara, is used as a pretext by the country which, within the Alliance, has shown itself to be the most prudent on actions against the Kremlin, it is not known. It is certain that Erdoğan’s policy, which admitted Moscow’s responsibility in the Ukrainian conflict but at the same time refused to impose sanctions on men and institutions considered close to the Kremlin, was by far the softest of the Pact countries. Atlantic. This also in an attempt to carve out a role from mediator between the parties which would allow him to make important requests, especially towards his European and American allies. With the latter, among other things, the government had already clashed for the purchase of S-400 missile system right from Moscow.

However, the governments of the two European countries did not give up and made it known that they wanted to discuss their membership of the Alliance with Turkey, trying to overcome the differences, on the occasion of the informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers that is scheduled Saturday to Berlin. Even the American president, Joe Bidenhad an interview of about half an hour with the Swedish premier, Magdalena Andersson and the Finnish president, Sauli Niinistoassuring “its support for NATO’s open door policy and the right of Finland and Sweden to decide their own future, their own foreign policy and their own security provisions”.

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