Ukraine: another Russian ship struck in the Black Sea. "It is one of the newest in the fleet"

Kiev, May 13, 2022 – 79 days after the start of the war in Ukrainepeace is still a long way off. Another Russian ship was hit today and would be sinking even though a recovery operation is underway. Kiev said it had damaged a Russian logistical support vessel near Snake Island in the Black Sea. “Thanks to the actions of our sailors, the support ship Vsevolod Bobrov caught fireit is one of the boats newest in the Russian fleet“explained a spokesman for the Odessa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk.

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Ukraine, another Russian ship hit: because it is the tombstone on the conquest of Odessa

The news had circulated yesterday, but was still unconfirmed. Meanwhile, new satellite images supplied by the American company Maxar, show, also near the island of the Snakes, a Russian Serna-class landing ship avoiding an attempted Ukrainian missile attack. In the images, taken yesterday, you can see the plume of smoke from the missile falling close to the ship and the boat making a tight turn to avoid it. In another image, released by CNN, we see, near the island, a barge next to a sunken ship, which Maxar always identifies as a Serna-class landing ship. It is not clear how the ship sank, CNN writes, but last Saturday the spokesperson for the Odessa regional administration announced that a Russian Serna-class landing ship would be hit and destroyed by Ukrainian units in the waters of the Black Sea. near the island.

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