Ukraine, Amnesty International denounces serious violations of humanitarian law. “Kiev also responsible”. Kuleba: “Unjust report”

Cluster bombs– banned by the international community -, explosive weapons that produce large-scale effects, not to mention the bombing of entire population centers that has caused thousands of civilian casualties and the devastation of a country that no longer recognizes itself. In the war in Ukraineall the rules of the international humanitarian law they were not only violated by the invader Russia– but also by those who have suffered the invasion, theUkraine. This is what emerges from the surveys conducted in the field by the experts of the non-governmental organization Amnesty International pointing his finger at it too Kiev. “We ask the Ukrainian government to immediately ensure the removal of its forces from population centers or to evacuate civilian populations from the areas where its armed forces are operating. Armies should never use hospitals for war activities and should only use civilian schools or homes as a last resort, when no other alternative is viable, “he said. Agnès Callamard, general secretary of Amnesty International. The tactic used most frequently by Ukrainian forces, according to Amnesty, would be to place military targets inside population centers, as if this could deter Russian forces from bombing women, men and children. “In an attempt to repel the Russian invasion that began in February, – says Amnesty – the Ukrainian forces have endangered the civilian population by setting up bases and using weapons in built-up areas, including in schools and hospitals. These tactics violate international humanitarian law because they turn civilian targets into military targets“. On the other hand, the NGO warns Fly clearly: even if Kiev uses these gimmicks to gain a strategic military advantage in combat, this in no way justifies indiscriminate attacks on the Russian side.

The investigation that led Amnesty to these conclusions lasted several weeks between April and July, during which its experts were able to inspect the regions of Kharkivof the Donbass and of Mykolaivinterview survivors, i witnesses and the families of the victims, also analyzing the weapons used. Evidence gathered shows that Ukrainian forces launched attacks from population centers, sometimes from inside civilian buildings, in 19 cities and villages.

The Crisis Evidence Laba section of Amnesty International which uses digital investigation tools to remotely document human rights violations, has used satellite imagery to validate evidence relating to the misconduct of Ukrainian troops. Most of the population centers where the Ukrainian soldiers were located were miles away from the front lines and, therefore, there would have been alternatives that could have avoided endangering the civilian population. Amnesty International, however, specifies that it is not aware of any cases in which the Ukrainian army that had installed itself in civilian buildings within the population centers asked residents to evacuate surrounding buildings or has provided assistance in doing so. If such a circumstance were proved, Kiev would have failed to take all possible precautions to protect civilian populations. The government’s response to Volodymyr Zelensky the allegations arrived on time. “This Amnesty International report does not intend to find and denounce the truth to the world, but create a fake equivalence between the perpetrator and the victim, between the country that destroys hundreds and thousands of civilianscities, territories and a country that desperately defends itself ”, declared the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba who called Amnesty’s work an “unfair” relationship.

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