Uk, work less and close earlier: what locals do to save on bills

Better to work less and close before you find yourself paying bills very salty. In Great Britain the catering sector is the most inclined to implement this strategywhich has already become rule in many places. To reduce energy costs, more than one fifth of the restaurants and gods pub British has reduced its opening hours for the last three months.

Analysts from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that 21% of companies in the sector have reduced their daily working hours, while remaining open the same number of days in the week. 6% of locals said they had reduced the number of hours by work two or more days a week in the last three months and 22% said that energy prices are the main source of worry for the month of November. A figure that reflects a slight decline after the government pledged to bear the costs of business bills in September.

Catering businesses have come under particularly severe pressure from rising invoices, with 58%, up from 39% last month, saying that energy prices I’m the main one worry. Due to rising energy costs, 41% of energy companies said they plan to raise prices in November. A price increase that will also affect the 36% of accommodation companies.

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