UDC candidate in the municipal elections of Mondovì retires for a red light video

Marco Fenoglio, 46-year-old candidate on the UDC lists for the municipal councils in Mondovì (Cuneo) in the coalition of Center-righthe first filed a complaint and then withdrew his candidacy because a erotic video which sees him as the protagonist. The images, he said, were shot and disseminated to him without his knowledge: which is why he turned to the Postal Police.

Fenoglio, who supported the candidate for mayor Enrico Rosso, who commented in local newspapers: “We were completely unaware of everything. The only monitoring activity by the managers of the supporting lists concerns the criminal certificates of those who intend to apply, to first check the conditions of incandiability. The private sphere remains such. Marco Fenoglio withdrew his candidacy before the list was formally filed “.

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