UAE Flights on arrival visa: UAE on arrival visa for Indians: UAE Visa for Indians

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The United Arab Emirates is now increasing the facilities after starting flights that have been closed for a long time due to the corona virus epidemic. In a recent update, the UAE has decided that visa on arrival will also be given to people coming to Dubai from select destinations. According to the Emirates airline, some people coming from 70 countries will be given visas for 90 days.

90 day visa from which countries?
People from countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Barbados, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Malgive, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland are allowed to enter the UAE. A 90-day visa will be available upon entry. Through this, it will be allowed to stay on different visits for a total of 90 days during 6 months.

What are the benefits to the citizens of India?
Talking about Indian citizens, people holding normal passports who are coming or going to India via Dubai can get Visa on Arrival for a stay of 14 days. However, there are some conditions for this as well. They must have a US visitor visa or green card, UK or EU residence visa. US, UK or EU visas must be valid for at least 6 months.

Doors open for valid Waza holders
From September 12, 2021, the UAE allows returnees who have received both doses of the WHO-recognized COVID-19 vaccine who have a valid visa. These include those who have lived abroad for more than six months. This decision of the UAE will give relief to travelers coming from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Namibia, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Gulf countries opening their doors to Indians

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