TXT: Yeonjun inside a refrigerator inspires the best memes

TXT’s Taehyun proved to his fans that he never breaks his promises, no matter how ironic and funny they are. And that he is willing to do anything for MOA, including putting Yeonjun in the fridge. His fans could not stop laughing at the scene, making dozens of memes about it.

Through his Instagram account, TXT shared a fun video where they address the refrigerator Y yeonjun is within it. This to fulfill a promise what they had done with MOA. And his fans didn’t take long to do memes about.

TXT’s Yeonjun. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

In the Freeze era, a fan wrote through Weverse that Yeonjun shouldn’t have red hair if everything was frozen. That he would end up melting everything. So Taehyun was quick to reply to that fan that when TXT sold their first million album, they would put Yeonjun in the fridge.

The idol never forgot that promise and now that TXT has sold a million copies of Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, the idol kept his promise and put Yeonjun in the fridge in a hilarious video.

  • Video where Taehyun put Yeonjun in the refrigerator. // Source: Twitter @TXT_members

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The best memes that MOA made when seeing Yeonjun inside the refrigerator

After seeing TXT’s most recent video where Yeonjun was inside the refrigerator, MOA couldn’t hide their excitement and amusement at the scene. Mainly due to the fact that the group had kept its promise. And they demonstrated through memes their joy at that iconic moment.

Although many fans had some expectation of what the idol would look like inside the refrigerator, they couldn’t stop laughing at how funny he looked in reality.

Yeonjun meme on the fridge. // Source: Twitter @97_Jaimin

Similarly, many claimed that no one could look as good as Yeonjun inside the refrigerator. Without a doubt, even in the fridge it looks very stylish.

Yeonjun meme on the fridge. // Source: Twitter @cyjisa

Other fans considered that one of the best glow-ups in K-Pop had been TXT’s refrigerator. Who has been changing over time until he has a very handsome idol in him.

Yeonjun meme on the fridge. // Source: Twitter @koosoobs

Lastly, some had a hard time choosing between a ‘Hot Yeonjun’ and a ‘Cold Yeonjun’. Since for many it is impossible to select just one. What was your favorite Yeonjun fridge meme?

Yeonjun meme on the fridge. // Source: Twitter @ilychbmgy

In other news, BTS came out in La Rosa de Guadalupe and ARMY would not let the occasion pass, so he made very funny memes about it.

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