TXT Suffers Practicing Aerial Yoga In New Episode Of TO DO X TXT

Although the members of TXT have shown their great ability for sports, especially when it comes to dancing due to their complicated choreography. There are some sports that are a great challenge for them, such as aerial yoga, which made them feel exhausted in the last chapter of their program.

TXT never afraid to face a new challenge and on this occasion, the sport they were willing to practice was aerial yogawhich ends up being a complete agony for each of the members.

TXT on his break from aerial yoga. // Source: Twitter @staytiny_ly

TXT fans love the group for how funny and talented they are. In addition to always facing new challenges outside of their knowledge. For that reason, the last episode of the group practicing aerial yoga made them completely happy.

Although for many it was a surprise to see how this sport became so complicated for the members of TXT, they could not stop laughing at their funny expressions and tired faces. What was seen in this chapter?

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TXT tried aerial yoga and found it to be a very difficult sport

In chapter 83 of TO DO X TXT, the group faced a new challenge and decided to practice aerial yoga, a new and interesting sport that combines balance, strength in the hands and the ability to maintain a pose for a certain period of time. weather.

Although it may look simple in videos, TXT suffered when they found out that this sport was far from easy and required all their attention and skill. It was enough to finish the warm-up for Beomgyu to feel completely exhausted and want to stop that training. On the other hand, Yeonjun offered to play better Mafia to no longer continue.

However, that wish was not fulfilled for either of them, as the five members of TXT continued with their training in this beautiful sport, giving the fans many laughs for their funny poses and cries of exhaustion. You can see the entire chapter here:

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Beomgyu called out a fan who commented that he didn’t do well in aerial yoga

Through Weverse, a fan commented that aerial yoga seemed too complicated after seeing TXT’s new video, she also mentioned that Beomgyu did the worst while Soobin and Taehyun also did their best. In response to her comment, Beomgyu simply said that he must have seen another video, assuring that he had done well. Who do you think he did better?

Beomgyu’s message on Weverse. // Source: Twitter @MyTXTLatam_

In other news, Jackson Wang’s new song already has a release date, did you hear?

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