TXT follows in the footsteps of BTS triumphing internationally

The relevance that TXT is gaining in K-Pop is amazing, it is breaking records and reaching groups that have been in the industry for the longest time, how do they succeed this time? This is how they follow in the footsteps of BTS.

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Despite being a grouping of K-Pop pretty young, Tomorrow X Together has managed to conquer the hearts of millions of fans around the world, its relevance within the musical genre is visible, quickly reaching records than others idol groups it took them longer.

MOA is a fandom that spreads internationally and never fails to show all its love, support and admiration for TXT, thanks to the great support in which this fanbase has become, this boy band from HYBE you have reached all your triumphs, accomplishments, and goals.

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All this is also to the talents of each member of Tomorrow X Together, their talents, skills and abilities for the song and the scenarios have caused a great impact, in addition to also having amazing personalities and charismas that end up captivating each fan.

The fact that TXT belongs to the same agency as BTSMaybe he lets us see a bit of how the company works with its artists, the way in which it leads them to success and the good eye it has when formulating a new K-Pop group; for both groups are gaining victory after victory similarly even outside of South Korea.

TXT triumphs in Japan with a record equal to that of BTS

With his latest Japanese EP ‘Chaotic Wonderland’, TXT was once again placed at the # 1 position of Oricon, one of the most important lists within the music of JapanWith this triumph, Tomorrow X Together becomes the second group outside the country with albums that make their debut in first place on this list.

Bangtan Sonyeondan was the only group that held the same record; 5 japanese records Back-to-back from both TXT and BTS have debuted at No. 1 on Oricon.

TXT en Chaotic Wonderland | Twitter: @TXTChartData

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And to Billboard Japan Top Album Sales, TXT surpassed BTS in sales with Chaotic Wonderland this year, the releases ‘Butter’ and ‘BTS, The Best’ fell short of Tomorrow X Together.

Which TXT albums have debuted first on Oricon?

As mentioned above, TXT has managed to place 5 of their albums at the top of the chart. japanese music list, Oricon, the releases that have debuted first are:

  1. The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY
  2. minisode1: Blue Hour
  3. Still Dreaming
  4. The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE
  5. Chaotic Wonderland
Foto de TXT en Chaotic Wonderland | Twitter: @TXTChartData

That’s how TXT follows in the footsteps of BTS as for its triumph in other countries outside Korea, Tomorrow X Together receives the great love of its Japanese fans with its releases for Japan.

In others txt news, Do you know who the rappers of the group are? There are those who have managed to captivate MOA with their agile and fast verses.

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