Two years of ‘Death Stranding’ – Cinematic Game with Léa Seydoux, Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen

The game that is not for everyone had a lot to talk about initially but, in recent times, has undergone a poor strategy

Games are not cinema. This is a statement that in itself is not incorrect, games by their very nature offer an interactive experience that movies cannot provide. However, for a long time cinematographic works could present narratives much more complex and elaborated than games ever could completely.

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at least until Hideo Kojima actually entered the industry. For the sake of conscience, games that used cinematographic structures were already a reality, with one of the oldest examples being Maniac Mansion (developed by Lucasfilm Games) from 1987. However, Which ones popularized the use of refined narratives coupled with new forms of gameplay.

No doubt this success is symbolized by his saga Metal Gear, started in the 80s and which had its last (not in chronological terms but in terms of release) chapter released only in 2015 for Playstation 4 (3), Xbox One (360) and PC.

With “Metal Gear”, Kojima employs cinematic techniques in gameplay

It was with this franchise that the developer introduced a spy story that often embraced non-linear approaches while touching on sensitive subjects like torture and war. A declared fan of cinema, Which ones he always tried to combine his projects with the storytelling way he saw in films, not only from a creative but technical point of view, using the best possible motion captures.

However, while he enchanted the world with Metal Gear, professionally, his relationship with franchise developer Konami was wearing thin very quickly. This ended up in one of the most controversial cases in games involving the relationship between author and producer, as well as his eventual departure from the company.

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Along with other former employees, he founded Kojima Productions, where he would, in theory, have all the freedom to produce his unusual games without restrictions from the so-called “big figures” of the board. The first fruit of this new phase was not long in coming in November 2019 Death Stranding arrived in stores, carrying a divisive proposal.

In essence, “Death Stranding” could never please every player.

Since its first trailer, and other advertising pieces, the game followed the style of promotion that was already natural to Which ones, in other words, enigmatic trailers that did not deliver more or less details of the plot. Undeniably, this strategy has already produced a sieve effect on the public, separating those who were interested in what they saw or were already fans of the developer and those who would certainly pass away from it all.

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Another element that caught our attention early on was the galactic cast assembled for the project; Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro, Léa Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen they are just some of the names present that lend voice and face to the characters, mainly central, that build the plot. The plot itself serves as, in today’s eyes, an omen of the future.

At some point the world collapsed due to the appearance of invisible entities from another dimension. As a result, humanity has split across the Earth, with humans living in isolated places so they can’t attract attention.

It’s in this scenario that couriers remain active, carrying all sorts of shipments from one point to another and symbolically serving as a small but living symbol that humanity is still united. The main thing about Death Stranding it’s not so much to understand its premise as the message of the need for cooperation in times of isolation and nothing represents this theme better than its multiplayer.

Playing from a delivery person’s perspective highlights the theme of making connections

Unlike other online modes where there is a separate category for them within the game and involves combat between players, here Which ones adapted this mechanic to be included within the story mode itself and in a cooperative way, so if a player climbed a certain mountain using a rope, he can leave the rope there so that someone else who will have to do the same path has the passage facilitated.

A proposal that, despite being much more discreet compared to what was on offer in the market, was still remarkable for those who noticed it. However, after two years the game itself has gone through important events.

The most notable being the release of the “director’s version” in 2021 with the promise of being the definitive way to experience the work and offering several new content. The term itself derives from the cinema where, sometimes, the director has the chance to re-release his film with scenes excluded from the original cut or reedited in a different way. In cinema, this always leads to interesting results, as you can see the work in which the creator had much more freedom.

A version of the director that has no reason to exist

With video games the concept is already more complicated, since the production dynamic is different. In fact, the developer can rush production of the game and so the released version is not what the director had in mind (the director himself Which ones went through this situation with Konami when launching Phantom Pain) however it is assumed that all the content that is present in the release would be present in any version, being different from having cut scenes.

What the consumer ends up receiving in the end is the same product he bought a year before, but with full price and no offer that is really worth a new investment. Death Stranding is a game that has shown that mechanically friendly and cooperative multiplayer is possible and a viable alternative to competitive style monopoly.

Not only that but interestingly its plot indirectly predicted the current scenario and the need to build bridges between people, making a 2019 game more current than many later releases. It was the later decision to appeal to a director’s court that pulled a distinguished title back to reality, not only for the reasons given but also for the Which ones have had all the freedom in the world to handle this project.

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