Two years in prison for stabbing in café Reina in Heusden-Zolder


A 32-year-old Beringenaar was sentenced to two years in prison in Hasselt on Tuesday for a stabbing in café Reina in Heusden-Zolder. On 20 January 2018, he stabbed a 41-year-old from Heusden-Zolder in the abdomen with a kitchen knife. The victim was incapacitated for more than four months.

Geert Houben

It should come as no surprise that the stabbing took place in café Reina. The business has built up a bad reputation over the years. Besides, everyone knows everyone. “Many have made a statement out of self-interest,” it said. The reason for the stabbing was to be situated in a discussion about a woman. The victim is said to have intervened in an argument between the Beringen resident and another visitor. The forty-year-old got the knife planted in the liver. The man spent several days in intensive care. The fact that the perpetrator had already been convicted twice before for deliberately beating did not play in his favor. In addition to the two years in prison, the perpetrator was fined 1,600 euros. The legal costs of 310 euros are also for him. The Beringen resident must pay 13,868 euros to the victim.

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