two wheelers may damage apple iphone camera: Apple’s big warning! iPhone camera can be damaged while riding motorcycle, full details – apple warns iphone users not to attach iphone with motorcycles camera system may damage

New Delhi
Apple has warned all iPhone users who ride motorcycles. In a new support document, important information has been given for those iPhone users who carry their iPhones attached to their bikes instead of carrying them with them. Apple has warned that the camera system could be damaged if the iPhone is attached to the bike during a ride.

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“If your iPhone is exposed to high vibrations in certain frequency ranges, especially the engine-generated vibrations of high-powered motorcycles, the performance of the camera system can deteriorate,” Apple says. The problem may lie in the optical image stabilization (OIS) provided in the iPhone’s camera. Apple says that the OIS system is designed for durability but prolonged exposure to vibrations of a certain frequency can degrade its performance.

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Apple further explained, ‘This is the case with many large electronics brands that offer OIS systems, the performance of these systems can degrade when exposed to high-amplitudes in a certain frequency range for a long period of time and resulting in photo And the quality of the video gets spoiled. Apple suggested that it would be better if you could prevent your iPhone from being exposed to high-amplitude vibrations.

Apple says that only high-power or high-volume motorcycles, especially super bikes, have strong vibrations that are generated through the chassis and handlebars of the bike. However, low-amplitude vibrations are generated even in small mopeds or scooters. And the company says that do not attach the smartphone to them too. Overall, avoid attaching the iPhone to two-wheelers on a regular basis to reduce the risk of damage to the camera system.

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