Two stars of the series Un, Dos, Tres remarry and make sublime statements

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As we know, Cupid sometimes throws his arrows on film sets. If Tom Holland and Zendaya have finally formalized their relationship, they are not the only actors to have come together in real life. In 2003, Beatriz Luengo fell in love with the beautiful eyes of Yotuel Romero, his playing partner in the series One two Three. The performers of Lola and Pável married five years later, before welcoming their two children: a boy named Angelo and a girl named Zoë. More in love than ever the two lovebirds have decided to renew their wedding vows in a chapel in Las Vegas, this Tuesday, November 16, 2021, on the same day and at the same place as their first ceremony.

Under a series of photos of this beautiful day, Beatriz Luengo made a sublime declaration of love to her husband. “It was PERFECT even though my hairdresser couldn’t catch her flight from Miami and I had to marry you with the braids from my last photoshoot, even though Elvis’ sideburns were coming off and my flowers The flowers faded despite the stress of getting married once again unexpectedly when I had promised to organize everything well last time. It was PERFECT because it was you, my Yotu, who was looking at me with this love that only you have and me, so shy, like the first time your eyes rested on me “ she wrote thus.

Beatriz Luengo concluded her lovely post by wishing herself the best for her relationship with Yotuel Romero: “As I told you during our vows, I hope eternity keeps us together, not because we signed a paper or because we have two adorable children but because we continue to look at each other like this. I love you my Yotu because everything is PERFECT WITH YOU, no matter the circumstances around us. “ For his part, the Cuban actor and singer also shared some pictures, confiding: “I started to believe in GOD from the moment he put you in my path. I love you.” We fall for it! And for even more cuteness, know that two actors of the Scott Brothers met for the time of a photo.

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