Two policemen are fired after not attending an ongoing robbery because they were playing Pokémon GO

The fever for the augmented reality video game Pokémon GO, for Android and iPhone, in recent years has been such that it has even caused two police officers in the city of Los Angeles, in the United States, to ignore a robbery in progress because they were busy searching and capturing characters from the saga.

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According to a court ruling published by the Los Angeles Police Department, the two officers decided “deliberately abdicating their duty to help to a commanding officer in response to an ongoing robbery and playing the Pokémon GO mobile game while on duty. “

The incident occurred in 2017 at a Macy’s department store in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw Mall, when a supervisor called agents about an apparent robbery in progress at one of the stores. But nevertheless, none of them answered the call, they went down an alley and away.

Security camera gave them away

At first his superiors did not explain what had happened, but a later investigation gave a video and an audio where the two policemen appeared saying that they would not answer the call and, instead, they would go find a snorlax who had just turned up at 46th and Leimert streets.

The two agents lied about what happened, but after seeing the evidence they had no choice but to admit what happened. They were both fired, but later they appealed to the court assuring that the Los Angeles Police Department had violated their privacy when listening to the conversation between them.

It has not been until now that the two policemen have lost the appeal due to gross negligence, cowardice and lack of consideration. Justice has ensured that “playing Pokémon Go showed a total disregard for the community, wasted resources, violated public trust, and was unprofessional and embarrassing to the Department. “

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