Two people injured in a violent collision opposite the ZooClub in Barry

Two vehicles were thus involved in this violent crash at a time when many people were joining the discotheque. “The first vehicle came from Tournai while the second was traveling from Leuze”, tells us Captain Stasik who led the rescue operations. “Obviously, one of the two vehicles tried to make a U-turn. It was during this maneuver that the collision occurred. The shock was quite violent”.

One car was completely crushed at the front while the other was hit at the rear. Beyond the material toll, there are two people injured as a result of this collision. Fortunately, they were quickly taken care of.

The damage is impressive. – B. Liberty

The vital prognosis not engaged


The firefighters thus quickly arrived on the spot. “Once at the scene of the accident, we had to extricate the driver of one of the vehicles. The two people who were injured following this accident were both transferred to the emergency room of the Union site of the Center Hospitalier de Wallonie Picarde”. Captain Stasik is however, and fortunately, reassuring about the state of health of these two people. “Their days are not in danger”, he confirms to us.

On site, the Picardy Wallonia rescue zone mobilized the necessary resources. Thus, on site, there was an extrication vehicle from the Leuze fire brigade, an ambulance from Leuze, another from Tournai, the Smur team from the CHwapi, a command vehicle and a beaconing vehicle.

A team from the Tournaisis police zone was also on site to secure the premises during the intervention as well as to carry out the usual observations.

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