Two good surprises for OM supporters

For the next two important meetings, OM will be able to count on the support of their away supporters, which was far from won at the start.

The start of the season remains largely positive for OM, in particular thanks to the solid performances in Ligue 1. The public follows since the formation of Igor Tudor strings together the matches in front of a Velodrome filled to the throat. Nevertheless, for the Provençal club, the subject of the supporters is still as tense. After the incidents at Tottenham and against Frankfurt, OM are anxiously awaiting UEFA’s disciplinary decision. In France too, Olympian fans are closely followed. But for two meetings expected in the coming weeks, no ban has been pronounced, in France or in Europe.

The match in Angers is not classified as high risk

This Friday, La Provence takes stock one week before the match in Angers. Last season, this meeting led to serious incidents, with settling of scores between supporters which took place on the lawn, a fight and the throwing of numerous projectiles after the meeting which once again tarnished the image of the soccer. Nevertheless, OM have received the green light for the movement of their supporters, who will number 500 and will be strictly supervised for the occasion. A good surprise as everyone in Marseille was convinced that the ban was going to fall.

A risk of behind closed doors against Sporting

A few days later, OM will go to Lisbon to challenge Sporting in the Champions League. Again, despite the incidents in London during the first match, UEFA gave the go-ahead for the movement of supporters. A match on October 12 where travel will therefore be authorized, while it is not yet certain that the first leg, on October 4, will be able to take place in a full Velodrome. Indeed, the European body has still not made its decision, in order to know if the reprieve from last season was going to jump. In any case, the tickets are already on sale, hoping for OM not to have to cancel all that in the coming days.

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