Two Colombian volunteers killed in battle against Russian army in Ukraine

Two Colombians, drafted into the Ukrainian army, died in Ukraine in battles against the Russian army, the Colombian Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.

These “two Colombian citizens had been in Ukraine since December and belonged to the 49th Infantry Battalion of the Ukrainian army,” said a statement from the ministry. “According to information from this battalion, both died in action on January 18,” it says.

The ministry stipulates that “from the Colombian embassy in Poland, communication was established with the wives of the two nationals who were informed of the process of repatriation of the bodies”. Colombian volunteers are fighting on both sides in the conflict in Ukraine.

Some serve in the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine (LIDU). Others, ex-combatants of the former Marxist guerrillas of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), take part in the fighting in the ranks of the Russian and pro-separatist forces of Donbass (East).


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