Twitter is testing soft block feature know it will help users

Twitter is testing a new privacy tool. In which you will get the option to remove the followers without blocking them. According to the report of The Verge, the testing of the follower remove feature is going on on the web. This attests to the soft block planning of the official micro-blogging site. According to the report, users can remove the follower on their profile page.

How to remove follower

According to the report of The Verge, you have to click on the menu next to the name of the follower. Clicking on the remove option here will remove it. Your tweet will no longer be visible to the front. The report says that it is better to block someone. They will be blocked from viewing tweets and sending messages. The company has named the Remove Follower Button for the new feature.

gotta follow again

Earlier you could soft block someone to unfollow. Then block and unblock can be done manually. Followers have to follow again to see tweets.

Safety Mode feature coming soon

At the same time, a safety mode is going to come soon on Twitter. Users who are found guilty of conversing in the wrong language. Such company will block his account for seven days. The number of abusive and trolling on the micro-blogging site is increasing rapidly. To deal with this, the company is going to launch a new feature.

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