Twitter, Elon Musk: “It was wrong and stupid to block Donald Trump’s account. I will remove the ban “

It was “morally mistaken it’s completely stupid”Block the account of Twitter of the former American president Donald Trump. Word of Elon Muskwho spoke at an event organized by Financial Times on the future of the automotive sector. Musk then announced that the ban will be revoked when his Twitter purchase goes through.

Just three days ago a judge federal of San Francisco rejected the former US president’s appeal against Twitter’s decision to permanently ban him from the platform after the assault on Capitol Hill of January 6, 2021, instigated by him. They still remain pendants analogues appeals of the tycoon against Facebook And Youtube.

As for Twitter, future new owner Musk could give Trump back the chance to chirp. The operation set up by Tesla’s owner to buy the social network is worth up to 44 billion dollars, 13 of which come from US investment banks led by Morgan Stanley. Another 12.5 billion are bank loans backed by Tesla shares (at current values ​​a share of the car manufacturer of 1.2%, with Musk which holds a total of 17% of the company) and the remaining 21 billion with unspecified personal guarantees from Musk himself.

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