Twilight: Kristen Stewart recalls her audition with Robert Pattinson

If since Twilight, Kristen Stewart’s career has evolved a lot – she will notably play Princess Diana in the biopic Spencer – the actress will never forget her casting as well as her first meeting with Robert Pattinson. As she reveals to the New Yorker, they were “young and stupid” back then, which made it a lot simpler. She remembers how perfect Robert Pattinson was to put her at ease at the audition : “He had an intellectual approach that was combined with a ‘I don’t give a fuck about this, but I’m going to do it’. A method from which she was inspired: “I was, like, ‘uh, well I do that'”.

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Twilight – Credit (s): SND

Finally, their bond from the beginning only grew over rehearsals and filming, since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really got together off screen. In 2018, the director of the saga, Catherine Hardwicke, had already mentioned their meeting with People. She remembers laughing a lot, because despite their awkwardness and shyness, she immediately felt that something was vibrating between the two actors.

Twilight – Credit (s): snd

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s debut in Twilight must have been magical for these two young actors who were taking their first steps in the cinema. Today, the actress is still said to be amazed to see that the craze around the vampiric saga is not running out of steam., even if she admits to USA Today to be a little embarrassed when she sees herself again: “I can’t believe that films are already reaching a new generation. When they are on TV I skip because I feel like I see myself in high school. I’m not yet old enough not to be embarrassed. , but I love these films. They touched a lot of people, and I’m very happy that they continue to do so. “. If this is now a thing of the past, find out how much Spencer paid for Lady Di’s (Kristen Stewart) wigs.

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