TWICE’s Nayeon Continues To Hit Billboard With Her Solo Album

A few weeks ago, IM NAYEON, TWICE’s Nayeon’s first solo album, was released. With catchy and fun songs, the singer continues to be a hit on the charts, achieving an achievement that no other K-Pop soloist had achieved on Billboard’s hottest charts.

Nayeon TWICE continues to triumph on different charts with his first solo album called IM NAYEON. His album continues on the charts Billboardbeing the most important Billboard 200 Y Artist 100.

Nayeon’s IM NAYEON continues to be a hit on Billboard. // Source: Twitter @JYPETWICE

Fans of TWICE’s Nayeon continue to be excited by the impact her first album has had. Five weeks after its release, the album continues to appear on major music charts, including several of Billboard. Obtaining achievements for the singer that no other K-Pop artist had achieved.

Nayeon is the first member of TWICE to debut as a solo artist with a full album, which has caused a great impact among fans and the Korean industry for maintaining a characteristic style of the k pop. On the other hand, Nayeon is currently preparing with TWICE for their comeback. BETWEEN 1&2 which opens at the end of this month.

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Nayeon is the first K-Pop solo artist to spend 5 weeks on Billboard 200 and Artist 100

TWICE’s Nayeon continues to make a huge impact on world music charts. your album IM NAYEON premiered five weeks ago and continues to appear on the Billboard 200 and Artist 100 charts.

With this achievement, Nayeon becomes the first K-Pop soloist to be for five weeks within these Billboard charts. Meanwhile in Artist 100 is in position #89, in Billboard 200 it is in position #181.

Since the release of IM NAYEON, the album has been a success. Well, she debuted on the Billboard 200 at # 7, becoming the first K-Pop solo artist to enter the TOP 10 of the list with her album. Without a doubt, a great achievement for the singer.

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IM NAYEON continues in Billboard’s TOP 10 World Albums

On the other hand, the disk IM NAYEON prevails at #7 on the chart ‘World Albums‘ from Billboard. And its title song POP! continues to play high on the charts in the United States. Without a doubt, the song was a success both in this country and around the world. What was your favorite song from Nayeon’s album?

In other news, TWICE did an advertisement for LUX, the hair product brand, and each of the members looked spectacular, did you see them?

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