TWICE’s Donut prepares ONCE for Christmas with new teaser

TWICE has not stopped working and to close the year they will release ‘Doughtnut’ a single in Japanese with a Christmas theme that promises to enchant ONCE.

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Christmas it will be a holiday full of K-Pop thanks to all the winter songs that our favorite bands will bring us, TWICE will not be left behind and will launch ‘Doughnut’ a winter-themed single in Japanese that promises a lot for its fans.

Throughout the year TWICE was working hard and as a Christmas gift they will not only release their next single, but they will also have their first face-to-face concerts in South Korea, ONCE has the maximum emotion to have new music and new shows from your favorite idols.

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‘Donut’ doesn’t just represent a TWICE’s Christmas song, it is also his comeback in japanese just a few months after releasing the album ‘Perfect World’ in the same language, plus they also released ‘The Feels’ in English; idols demonstrate their mastery in multiple languages ​​and reach the heart of ONCE in different countries.

Less and less is missing for the premiere of ‘Donut’ and with its new advance, TWICE is preparing their fandom’s schedule for all the content that this new Japanese single will contain.

TWICE reveals teaser image for Donut, their upcoming Japanese single

Through the official channel of TWICE Japan on YouTube, the idols revealed a new teaser de DoughnutWith the Christmas theme, we can see a frozen and cold environment, but it is only a snow globe that is in a warm little house.

The trailer reveals the dates when more content related to ‘Donut’ will be released, the dates would be like this:

  • December 1, 2021: MV Teaser
  • December 3, 2021: Music and Digital Video Launch
  • December 15, 2021: Premiere

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The countdown by ‘Doughtnut’ de TWICE It has started and ONCE is already more than ready for this next Christmas launch.

What will TWICE’s Donut sound like?

Being a Christmas song, perhaps it is a ballad, warm and cute that will enhance ONCE’s winter, this is not the first Christmas composition that TWICE releases, previously they released songs like ‘Merry & Happy’ or ‘Santa Tell Me’ with different styles.

So ONCE’s Christmas playlist will only continue to grow thanks to ‘Donut’, by December 2021, everyone is ready to listen to it.

But while we wait for the premiere of ‘Donut’, you can listen to other TWICE songs, like the most popular ones.

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