TWICE’s Dahyun has the meme you’ll love to use on your birthday

In addition to the great talent that they possess, TWICE idols have shown to have great personalities. Dahyun’s charisma led the idol to create an iconic meme that you will surely want to post on your birthday.

Since before his career with TWICE, Dhyun He proved that he was born to be a star and was able to become very popular on the internet with his dance moves, his confidence, and even his sense of humor. The three qualities continue to accompany the idol at all times and that’s why she never fails to make fans smile.

But this member of the rap lines of the group has also taken over the Internet for photos, reactions and specific moments that become memes among the ELEVEN and surely you already know some.

However, among all those highly popular images, there is a photo that is perfectly suited for your birthday and after it became a meme, the TWICE idol even recreated it to pamper her fans.

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Dahyun’s meme on her birthday, ONCE’s ally at her party

As you know, on many of the TWICE members’ birthdays, they meet their fans through live broadcasts where they respond to comments, thank congratulatory messages, and even eat cake making a wish.

In 2020, Dahyun appeared on a live to celebrate her special day and was wearing as outfits a black cap and a white shirt, a garment that reads the phrase ‘Today is my birthday (Today is my birthday)’.

This was not the first time that the idol of k pop He appeared in this way in front of the camera, because on a previous birthday he also wore said outfit and on both occasions he posed showing the legend written on his shirt, as if announcing the day of his celebration.

TWICE’s Dahyun meme on her birthday. | Source: Twitter @andtwc

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ELEVEN Not only was he happy to see a new version of this Dahyun birthday meme, but they also showed their intention to use the image to post it on social media when it was his turn to commemorate another year of life.

TWICE’s Dahyun meme on her birthday. | Source: Twitter @nayeongoddes

In addition, we told you that recently the members of TWICE excited fans by recreating some photos of their childhood, see how much they have changed.

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