TWICE test: What would you do with Jihyo on an outing with her?

You and the TWICE leader might share one of your favorite activities. This test will lead you to discover what would be the perfect plan for the two of you according to your personality.

Inside the girl group of JYPEntertainmentwe found nine girls with different personalities, but who chased the same dream and also created a great friendship, so fans in addition to loving their music also love seeing the connection that the girls of TWICE share.

Imagine that you meet jihyo and you do friend of this idol, they would surely have a great plan to have fun because wherever they go they would have great times.

Take this test about yourself personality and your love for TWICEwrite down your answers and at the end check which result corresponds to you.

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Quiz: If TWICE’s Jihyo was your friend, what outing would you plan to have fun?

1. What plans are most attractive to you?

A) Go in search of adventure

B) A combination of relaxation and fun

C) relax as much as possible

D) Take out all my energy

2. What you wouldn’t like about an outing is…

A) End up more tired than I was

B) have to go very far

C) Being in a closed place

D) just sitting

3. When it comes to music, do you prefer…

A) Something pop, very cool

B) I like party music and dancing

C) I would choose relaxed music, such as jazz or R&B

D) I like all the styles

4. If you could see another TWICE member when meeting Jihyo, who would you want it to be?

A) Dahyun

B) healthy

C) Mine

D) Momo

5. Do you think you have any qualities in common with Jihyo?

A) We are almost always smiling

b) leadership

C) our sense of humor

D) We are very dedicated

6. How do you imagine your free time with Jihyo?

A) Full of laughter and we would take lots of photos

B) Cheerful, we would get away from everything that worries us

C) A brief moment but it would be quality time

D) We would talk a lot and give each other tips

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Most A: Amusement Park

You and Jihyo would go to an amusement park, ride a lot of rides and ride themed rides, so you would also enjoy something nice to eat and take lots of photos.

TWICE’s Jihyo. | Source: Instagram @twicetagram

Most B: Beach

Your answers in the test indicate that you and Jihyo would have a mini vacation, they would choose the beach to be able to disconnect from everything and enjoy their free time to the fullest.

TWICE’s Jihyo. | Source: Instagram @twicetagram

Most C: Afternoon skincare

How about a spa afternoon with Jihyo? You and the TWICE member could relax, pamper her skin, and walk out of there feeling totally refreshed.

TWICE’s Jihyo. | Source: Instagram @twicetagram

Most D: Dance

Jihyo and you would share an afternoon of dancing, trying new routines and letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music. Sounds like a good plan, don’t you think?

TWICE’s Jihyo. | Source: Instagram @twicetagram

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