TWICE receives support from ONCE after controversial interview

It’s only been a few days since TWICE’s long-awaited comeback, and while nothing dampens their joy for this new era of music, fans came to their defense after their appearance on a radio show.

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As is well known, after each album release, K-Pop groups promote their new songs in various ways. From music show appearances, interviews, variety show appearances, online dynamics and more, so the idols of TWICE they have been kept busy with a large number of activities.

Both singers from JYP Entertainment as fans have shown how happy they are to return with more music, but the annoyance was present game that Dahyun and Tzuyu joined as guests on a radio show.

Both girls appeared on the Park Myung Soo-led broadcast, many ONCES were excited to hear them and hoped this would be a fun time for the girls, although it was unfortunately not entirely pleasant.

TWICE’s Dahyun and Tzuyu have an interview with an unexpected direction

The idols began with encouragement and greeted the audience of the show radio listening to them, but the atmosphere took a turn when Park Myung Soo asked them about their reactions. Scientist had generated after its premiere.

They were confused as to whether they were being questioned about their own reactions, but the DJ insisted that they talk about the results achieved and their presence on the popularity charts.

TWICE’s Dahyun and Tzuyu. | Source: Twitter @TWxSOUL

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This is the title track of the album Formula of Love, has its own MV and has received the affection of ONCE, however naturally as the days passed the track began to descend in the charts.

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ONCE reacts to TWICE’s interview about Scientist

The DJ’s comments were not well received by the girl group’s fandom, so fans pointed out that the interview had been disrespectful towards idols.

According to comments online, in addition to making them uncomfortable with the position of the track at the time, Park Muyng Soo’s attitude was criticized for not appearing friendly towards these singers.

In other news, TWICE will be going on a world tour very soon, and they have already revealed the first details for that tour.

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