TWICE Quiz: Could You Be Momo’s Best Friend?

TWICE has great idols and Momo is proof of it, the world has been captivated with this great singer and would dance, could you be the bestie of this girl group idol?

The idols from TWICE have conquered the hearts of all their fans with great skills, talents, personalities and charismas that are part of the artists of this girl group; one of its members is Momo, an excellent singer and dancer who ONCE can’t stop admiring.

Momo’s specialty is home, this is why he was chosen to be part of TWICE, he has always shown more than exact steps in each choreographeda, from a very young age, she began her passion for dance and pursued her dreams until she became a idol as phenomenal as it is today.

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There is much to admire about Momo and her fans know it, do you want to find out if you would be her best friend? You could have a lot in common with this great artist and share a nice friendship with her, we prepare this fun TEST to find out.

Would you be best friends with TWICE’s Momo?

Besides TWICE, what other K-Pop band do you like the most?

What is your favorite attraction in an amusement park?

  • A) Roller coaster
  • B) Carousel

Which of these drinks do you like the most?

Which of these fruits do you like the most?

Which of these Pokémon do you like the most?

What is your favorite animal?

Which of these toys do you like the most?

  • A) Dolls
  • B) Stuffed animals

Did you write down your answers? Let’s see the results!

You have some things in common with Momo, but only would you be his fan, not your bestie; Even so, she would love to meet you and give you as much love as all that you have given her by supporting the TWICE idol.

Keep worshiping Momo because she loves ONCE too.

You have a lot in common with TWICE’s Momo and that would make you his best friendThey would understand each other perfectly and have great adventures as besties; they would have an incomparable friendship.

Can you imagine having a sleepover with the idol and keeping all her secrets? It would be a great thing.

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