TWICE outfits that you can wear in winter to look fashionable

The TWICE girls are fashion experts and that’s why they look great no matter what season it is. Winter looks can also be very fashionistas and here you will see how these singers wear their best winter outfits.

Although we are still in fallthe cold weather has begun to arrive in many places, so it is likely that you are already thinking about the outfits that you will wear during the winter and on days with low temperatures.

On many occasions we think that it is impossible to wear a fascinating outfit in the middle of the cold weather, but the girls of twice They show you that it is not.

Below we present several looks of these idols from kpop for you to be inspired by TWICE when creating the best outfits of winter that you will wear this year.

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TWICE: Idol Outfits To Recreate In Winter And Other Cold Weather Days

  • Nayeon’s outfit for winter

The first outfit is by Nayeon and consists of a white sweater, on top of a checkered blazer in warm colors, as well as a white beret. You can wear this look with a skirt, tights and boots.

TWICE looks for winter. | Source: Twitter @Nynayeonim

  • Dahyun’s look for winter

In the photos of Donut, Dahyun is wearing a long brown sweater-textured dress, and on top of it is a camel-toned coat with fur details along the edges. The idol wore this look with bige boots.

TWICE looks for winter. | Source: Twitter @TWICE_Indonesia Instagram @twicetagram

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  • Tzuyu outfit for winter

This girl wears a long brown dress, a camel beret and a white vest that gives light to the outfit. You can also replace her dress with a sweater and skirt or even pants.

TWICE looks for winter. | Source: Twitter @ChouTzuyuMexico

  • Dahyun’s comfortable look for cold days

If what you are looking for is to be comfortable but still look great, you can opt for corduroy pants like the one this idol wears, the black or brown color will look great with a white sweater and in this case you can opt for one that is thick and smooth.

TWICE looks for winter. | Source: Instagram @twicetagram

  • Tzuyu’s look with glamor for winter

The singer wears a high blue sweater, combined with a cream-colored skirt, she also added a gray coat and brown ankle boots.

TWICE looks for winter. | Source: Twitter @TWICE_Indonesia

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