TWICE: Momo and Sana moments that show their great friendship

TWICE has very talented idols who are also super cute inside and out, they all get along, but we found a special friendship between Momo and Sana, these are their best moments.

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It is common to meet large friendships within the same group of K-Pop, after idols share a lot of time and great experiences since they enter the same agency and start their period as trainees.

On TWICE There is no exception, 9 girls worked hard since their preparation period to be able to debut and give their all, together on stage; For more than 6 years they have lived and told their own story, something that has made the artists on friends.

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Momo and to you TWICE have a beautiful friendship that everyone loves, the interactions between both members of the girl group always melt the heart of ONCE who is glad you share a relationship so strong and solid and full of fun.

There are many moments in which Momo Hirai and Very Minatozaki They have shown us that they have one of the best friendships within TWICE and in the entire K-Pop industry, here we have chosen 4 that will make you wish you had one beasts like them.

4 times TWICE’s Sana and Momo have proven their cute friendship

1. Momo and Sana’s rings

Momo and Sana share rings of friendship, Sana bought them in Japan and for them they have the meaning of ‘Now is the moment’, they both use them but Momo is the one who has spoken the most about this accessory that they share together.

Sana and Momo wearing their rings as a couple | Twitter: @momosavocado

2. Momo and Sana playing together

On some occasions we have seen Momo and Sana play among them being very cute and tender.

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  • Momo and Sana in their own world | Twitter: @ana_shmisamo

But also, when they are playing as a team they have the funniest and most joyous moments together, celebrating their victories.

  • Sana and Momo have the best moments as a team | Twitter: @clingymomoshi

3. Sana and Momo laughing everywhere

Momo and Sana’s friendship is a lot of fun and the idols are laugh at all times, even perhaps on the most random occasions, letting us see that they share the same neuron, LOL, and that they are best friends

  • Momo and Sana always have fun together | Twitter: @clingymomoshi

4. Sana knows all Momo’s secrets … and shares them with everyone

There are a number of moments when Sana tells stories about Momo that are perhaps secret and only she knows to be her bestie, but she has told the others and it is something cute but funny at the same time.

  • Sana revealing Momo’s secrets | Twitter: @momotozaki

Momo and Sana’s friendship is very beautiful and will surely last many more years since it is getting stronger and more solid, there is nothing like seeing them together and happy.

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