TWICE: Mina reveals why Squid Game’s Ali stole her heart

The Netflix drama took us to know the story of several characters with financial difficulties, who did Mina want to win the game?

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While The Squid Game he was gaining the attention of the whole world, also the great stars of the K-Pop they enjoyed this show. The excitement and nerves to know the fate of the characters caused the series to explode in popularity from its first weekend, because nobody wanted to miss it.

The girls of TWICE were no exception, several of them enjoyed the episodes and also showed their fangirl side with various references to Squid Game, because Mina he talked about his favorite character.

Although all the roles had something special, the American-born idol said that for her the best would be ButCan you imagine why he chose it?

Ali from The Squid Game won Mina’s love

The idol of JYP Entertainment She said she really liked Ali’s emotional side, so she was able to enjoy watching her character on screen as her family history and quirky sense of humor were portrayed.

He confessed this in an interview with Allure Korea, making it clear that while he was watching the series he was encouraging Ali to come out triumphant.

Tripathi Anupam, actor de Squid Game. , Fuente: Instagram @sangipaiya

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Who is Ali from Squid Game?

He is one of the foreign characters that we saw in the drama, his uniform in the game was number 199 and in his story they tell us that he was a worker in Korea who did not receive good treatment or payment for his services.

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The character was played by Tripathi Anupam, a 33-year-old actor who was born in New Delhi, India.

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