Twenty One Pilots were going to write for Top Gun 2 and Tom Cruise kicked them out


The Twenty One Pilots were already developing ideas for the music for Top Gun: Maverick until Tom Cruise himself decided to replace them with Lady Gaga.

Tom Cruise
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Top Gun: Maverick is the continuation of the story of the pilot Pete Mitchell, personified by Tom Cruise, who this time is summoned to be the instructor of the best North American pilots, among which is the son of the tragically deceased Goose, his former partner and great friend. Will Maverick have what it takes to teach his students how to be better? The main theme of the film is in charge of Lady Gaga But it was not always like this.

Talking with KROQ’s Klein & Ally Show the vocalist of Twenty One Pilots, tyler josephadmitted that this group was considered in the first instance to develop the music for the sequel to the 80’s classic, top gun. That tape meant its protagonist achieved a status within the Hollywood industry that he did not have and perhaps that is why he is being extremely suspicious of the new project.

Music from Top Gun: Maverick


“You know, fun stuff, I was working with the person who handles the music for the new Top Gun, writing a new song for her. And then I think Tom Cruise came in and fired everyone. They brought me in to show me parts of the film and what they were looking for and stuff… then I found out that everything had changed.”the singer of Twenty One Pilots about what happened in the creative lead up to the highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick.

Is now Lady Gaga the one in charge of promoting the film with its theme hold my hand that is surprising fans around the world, in the same way as the tape in question, which has very positive reviews at the moment. This song by the protagonist of A star Is Born seems to be up to the challenge, although after reading this note many will wonder what would have happened to the music of Twenty One Pilots.

¡Tom Cruise took this project very seriously! He even put the actors playing pilots in the film through a grueling training period with an incredible climax: they’re on board the F-18s in which the action sequences are shot. the choice of the artist responsible for the main theme of the film and felt more comfortable with Lady Gaga what with twenty one pilots.

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